The global impacts of climate change are undeniably affecting us all, and Central Macedonia in Greece is no exception. Your voice matters in the fight against these effects.

Survey Participation for a Resilient Future: We invite all residents of Central Macedonia to participate in a survey aimed at understanding the level of awareness and citizen engagement regarding climate change impacts in the region. Your insights are invaluable in co-developing and implementing effective adaptation and mitigation measures. 📊🌿

Building Resilience Together: By responding to the survey, you actively contribute to the development of resilience actions specific to Central Macedonia. This collective effort will aid in identifying the sustainability needs of these actions in the long term. 📝✅

Make Your Voice Heard: Let’s join hands to combat climate change in our region. Take a few minutes to respond to the survey and be a part of shaping a resilient future for Central Macedonia.

Survey Link: Respond Now