Demonstrator #6

City of Egaleo, Greece

Key Facts

The population of the city is around 120.000.
The city is exposed to heat waves (expected to increase with CC), extreme precipitations, thunderstorms, and flooding events.

Actions and expected results

  • Health. Rapid urbanization has led to a sharp increase in emissions of CO2, NOx and other pollutants, adding to the increasing intensity of heatwaves, significantly affecting the health of citizens. Green areas are extremely limited, leading to artificial means. Even if socially vulnerable groups amount to 10% of the population of the Municipality, this remains a huge problem. Climate change is expected to increase these groups and negatively affect their living conditions.
  • Infrastructures. Building and infrastructures are not climate-proof. Thunderstorms and heatwaves cannot be dealt with the existing infrastructure, degraded each year.
  • Urban planning. Climate change also reinforces the urban heat island phenomenon in Egaleo, leading to an increase in energy consumption and carbon footprint; and causing faster degradation of asphalt, tarmac, concrete and another hard surfacing with more frequent needs for maintenance works. The phenomenon thus leads to a reduction in the absorption of rainwater, which overcomes stormwater systems and increases flood risks. Climate change combined with rapid urbanization has created the need for innovative and sustainable urban planning.

TransformAR will install smart climate stations at key municipal buildings to acquire a view of the microclimatic conditions. A citizen app will allow inhabitants to participate in the debate around climate change, the changes in the microclimate and potential solutions. Awareness-raising modules will be designed, especially for young people and school pupils to promote climate awareness. In addition, a climate innovation hub will be installed to promote green and climate-friendly entrepreneurship. Finally, a demand analysis for social services/infrastructures will be conducted.

Partners Involved