On May 24, the workshop titled “Climate Change Adaptation Solutions in the Mussel Sector of Galicia – Resilience Index” was held, bringing together 28 participants, including 20 sector representatives and 8 organizers. This diverse group represented the quintuple helix: administration, research, society, environment, and the productive sector, all collaborating to enhance resilience in the mussel sector.

Workshop Summary: Participants received updates on progress from previous workshops, scientific data on key climate risks and their impacts on Galicia, and insights from the operational resilience index for mussel aquaculture developed by the REDE group at the University of Vigo, supported by CETMAR and IIM-CSIC.

Key Activities and Findings:

A detailed analysis of six lines of action was carried out and 24 proposed solutions were prioritised through participatory dynamics. As a result, the following areas for improvement were highlighted:

  • Emphasis on enhancing systematic, long-term ocean-meteorological and environmental data collection with affordable, easy-to-implement sensors.
  • Development and adoption of predictive analytical tools for future event anticipation.
  • Improvement of information flows along the supply chain.
  • Promotion of innovation through new technologies and collaborative projects.

Participant Feedback:

  • Increased awareness of the sector’s capacity to adapt to climate change.
  • High appreciation for the information provided and the results of the resilience index.
  • Strong intention to integrate workshop conclusions into future decision-making.

This collaborative dialogue established an initial framework for action, providing a reference for future programs that integrate current scientific advances and long-term consultation processes. The outcomes offer a starting point for defining a common roadmap to enhance the sector’s resilience, guiding necessary future actions.

The results of this workshop are now available to the sector, offering valuable insights for building a more resilient future for mussel aquaculture in Galicia.