How to involve tourists to adapt to climate change needs? That is one of the questions the TransformAr project is trying to answer. Verhaert and ADEME are co-organising an event dedicated to providing insights into how you can actively involve tourists to contribute to water conservation in a non-intrusive way.

Involve tourists to adapt to climate change needs

Guadeloupe, often referred to as “L’île aux Belles Eaux” or the “Island of Beautiful Waters,” faces significant challenges related to climate change. Despite its picturesque scenery, the region is grappling with water scarcity, posing threats to both the environment and the local community. This event aims to address these challenges by fostering collaboration and implementing sustainable practices in the tourism sector.

Event details:

📅 Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024
📍 Location: Salle des Deliberations du SY.MEG, Impasse Guy Cornely ZAC de Houelbourg 97122 Baie-Mahault
🎯 Who can join: Different stakeholders in the tourism sector in Guadeloupe

The event itself consists out of two parts: an informational presentation on the TransformAr project and the nudging experiment that is implemented within this project. The second part is a workshop where we will try to come up with other possible solutions on how tourists might help the archipelago adapt to climate change.

Are you working in the tourism industry in Guadeloupe? Make sure to register for our upcoming event on the 22nd of February via the following link.

Nudging experiment targeting tourists

TransformAR is launching a nudging experiment managed by Verhaert from February to August 2024 in local accommodations. By implementing innovative nudging materials in hotel rooms, including a shower sensor displaying water usage time, an informative brochure, and stickers, tourists will be encouraged to be mindful of their water usage.Are you working in a tourism accommodation in Guadeloupe and interested in joining the experiment? Reach out to the team via or fill in the registration form via this link.